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Printing Devices

  1. Kyocera develops 1200-dpi Inkjet Printheads with Ink Recirculation Structure

    • Printing Devices

    New Model KJ4B-EX 1200 offers improved speed resolution and stability

    Kyocera’s KJ4EX series of printheads utilize large integrated piezo actuators1 that enable higher-resolution printing by homogenizing image quality inside the printhead. The series’ first model, the 600dpi KJ4B-EX600 printhead, has been available sin...

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  2. Kyocera’s Next Generation of Inkjet Printheads Take Image Quality and Durability to a New Level

    • Printing Devices

    World’s fastest inkjet technology prints on paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, and other building materials

    Digital printing technology has won a growing share of the commercial printing market — especially where high-quality text and graphics must be printed onto clothing, packaging, tile, plastic or building materials, in addition to conventional paper. ...

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  3. KYOCERA’s New Air-Cooled UV Curing Light is World’s Smallest, Lightest and Most Powerful

    • Printing Devices

    Supports UV ink printing, including billboard printing, as well as UV-cured coatings and adhesives

    G5A Series UV-LED curing light Kyocera’s proprietary technology results in the world’s highest UV intensity (24W/cm²) among air-cooled curing lights for UV printing. This product sets a new industry standard by offering the highest performance i...

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