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Kyocera Corporation to exhibit at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024

Company to unveil next-generation in-car sensor technology and road communications.

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Kyoto/London − Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) is participating in the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 in Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture May 22-24 (booth #N32). Kyocera showcases a compact FIR auto sensor that detects pedestrians and vehicles even in darkness or severe weather conditions, and an experiential demo of an electronic motorcycle throttle with precise sensor control to enable safer driving. Additionally, Kyocera introduces in-car related components, products, and technologies. Recognized as one of Japan's premier showcases of automotive innovation, the exposition promises to gather cutting-edge technologies from across the nation.

Kyocera booth image

Overview – Kyocera at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024
Date Real Exhibition: 22nd – 24th May, 2024
Online Exhibition (Link ): 15th May – 5th June, 2024
Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall North (booth #N32)

Highlights of Kyocera's exhibition

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) sensor for vehicles
Using far-infrared radiation emitted from objects to create images, FIR sensors can detect pedestrians and vehicles in the distance, even in darkness or other adverse weather. The compact sensor, about the size of an AAA battery, allows for a high degree of flexibility in its installation, allowing it to be placed inside the grille, on the rooftop or virtually anyplace on the vehicle.
Kyocera will demonstrate object detection in darkness and a foggy environment at the exhibition.

High-resolution stereo camera with RGB-IR image sensor
Kyocera’s high-resolution camera is a versatile tool, enabling long-range object detection and short-range small object detection. Simultaneously, the near-infrared light source and RGB-IR image sensor facilitate stereo sensing in dark places and other scenes that are challenging to capture with conventional cameras. This stereo camera has applications beyond automobiles, including compact mobility and autonomous mobile robots, showcasing the adaptability of Kyocera's technologies.

Rotor position sensor
Electric and hybrid vehicles require efficient motor controllers to reduce energy consumption and extend cruising range. Rotor position sensors provide fast and accurate rotor position measurements for such control devices. Kyocera's rotor position sensors support high speeds of up to 100,000 rpm and their flexible design enables positional accuracy of less than 0.5° electrically, in line with the opposite pole of the motor.

Electronic motorcycle throttle
Kyocera will demo an interactive throttle simulating a motorcycle ride. The integrated sensor in an electronic throttle grip transmits the throttle grip rotation angle to the control unit quickly and accurately. This controls sudden acceleration and braking, contributing to safe driving.

Various camera module for vehicles
Various high-resolution, in-vehicle digital cameras will be featured for improved visibility including:

  • 1.3MP digital camera module for vehicles
  • 3MP digital camera module for vehicles
  • 8MP camera module for ADAS system

Ghost flare reduction technology for LiDAR
This lens design and manufacturing technology uses anti-reflection processing and simulation to reduce ghosting and flare caused by intense light, including sunlight. By employing this lens in LiDAR, noise caused by ghosting and flare can be reduced and reflected light with low light intensity can be detected, making it possible to synthesize highly accurate 3D images.

Abrasion resistant/corrosion resistant water repellent coat
This versatile, water-repellent coating technology, with its excellent abrasion resistance from proprietary film formation techniques, can be applied to various surfaces including automotive camera lenses and mirrors, cover glass, traffic and harbor monitoring cameras, and marine equipment. Clear vision is ensured in various wet environments – from rainy roads to open waters - by preventing a decrease in visibility caused by water droplets.

In addition to the above, Kyocera exhibits a comprehensive range of products including capacitors, antennas, crystal devices, connectors, power semiconductors, and lens units for automotive applications.

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